Some of the top app store optimization companies have increased the possibilities for a new app to get a higher visibility, more traffic to the app page, and more downloads in multiple app store platforms through its various practical and result-oriented strategies.


How does ASO make a difference –

ASO (App Store optimization) has changed how app developers can place their apps in the app store to achieve their results.

There’s a lot of difference between waiting and patience –

Waiting is where you expect things to happen, wherein patience is where you know how things happen and you give it some time and that’s what expertise is. 

You no need to wait for the app to get noticed until and unless people search particularly for your app, click through and download it. Getting good ratings and reviews to rank your app better in search results is a long process here.



Top app store optimization company helps with their unique expertise to connect your app with the right users by optimizing it for better visibility and rank well in the search results through optimizing various factors.


Why you need app store optimization?

  • There are more than 3 million+ apps in Google Play Store and 2.5 million+ apps in Apple App Store
  • Due to the increase in smartphones and digitalization, there’s an app for everything and everyone, the competition is getting bigger and bigger each day.
  • Every category (niche) has more than 50+ app in both app Store platforms
  • Getting more traffic for your app page in-app store for conversion
  • Keyword research for app store as more than 60% of new app downloads are from direct search results


Why do you need an ASO expert / ASO tool?


App development is one part, wherein its marketing strategy for ASO is another crucial part.

Let’s see some of the app category and market leaders –


Social media  Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp
Music Spotify, prime music, JioSaavn, Gaana, wynk
Online video streaming Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar
Video player VLC, MX player, KM player
Online shopping Amazon, Flipkart
Travel Uber, Ola, Rapido
Video calling Zoom, skype
Games Scattered, yet Subway surfers, candy crush, Hillclimb racing


  • In the Indian market, JIO is acquiring a major player and expanding its services to occupy major market share


  • In the international market, Google and Microsoft has been providing the best services through its various app in a different category


Let’s see how Google and Microsoft have established and have set authority in many categories/keywords.


Google’s app Microsoft’s app
Gmail Outlook
Drive (online storage) OneDrive
Duo and hangout Teams and Skype
Docs Word
Spreadsheet Excel
Google lens Office lens
Chrome browser Edge browser
Play store (app store platform) Windows store
Notes Onenote


And there are many other apps like calendar, clock and such.


As you know that major players or developers have occupied a major share of the markets, you need an expert strategy to place your app well in the app store platform to rank higher in search results, get more traffic to your app page and increase conversion.


Conclusion – 

Top App store optimization company’s focus on increasing your app visibility by optimizing various app factors of on-metadata and off-metadata.

If you have invested your passion, time, and effort to convert an idea to an app, you must surely opt for ASO to make your app connect with more users and achieve your objectives.

Let us know about your ASO strategies and Do connect with us for best ASO tools 

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