The App Store and Google Play see roughly around 5000 new apps entering their platforms each day. Since it seems like the app market does not stop growing, how does one make sure his app stands out and ranks well in these platforms? In the crowded market that is the app market, the main challenge faced by app creators and businesses is being undiscovered and invisible to their target audience. Unfortunately, this reduces the app’s exposure as well as its rankings, giving bad returns to its owner. A way to turn this around is through ASO, a commonly ignored concept that changes the way people look at an app. An easy way to define is that it is like SEO, but for apps. It is the process of increasing an app’s visibility so that it is uncovered by many users on various app platforms to help better downloads and rankings. An app store optimisation agency can help bring in organic downloads, target the right audience, increase an app’s visibility, and can bring in great profits that only keep growing. 



Ever since apps came into existence on the very first smartphone, ASO has been highly relevant but completely ignored. Only in recent times, app store optimisation agency have been picked up by many app owners to help them with the task of bringing traffic to their apps by optimizing their apps.  Top app store optimisation company have been using different strategies to nail your app in the app store page such as understanding your target audience, keyword optimisation, transforming visitors to users and many more. After creating an app, it is important to understand the people for who it’s made for. When we study the target audience, we must consider everything from their sex, race, and religion to personal interests, area of residence and education level. It is key to understand why a person would download a particular app and these reasons vary from one person to another. This strategy has no full stop to it as an app’s target audience changes constantly with time. For this Keyword optimization plays an important role. This strategy has to be formulated in such a way that users are turned to your app on their very first search. It must also be able to increase conversion rates (CVR) since high conversion rates lead to high rankings. After identifying relevant keywords, it is important that they are placed in such a way that can make it more visible and discoverable. According to a study conducted by Tune, keywords used in the app name can lead to a 10.3% increase in its ranking. The subtitle or description are also other great fields to further explain the exact uses. Functions and purpose of the app to visitors. 

There are many more factors that have an important role to play but all the strategies go hand in hand with the various factors and elements that ASO handles in order to obtain an optimized version of the app, compared to its previous self. In conclusion, top app store optimisation company are the way to go when it comes to boosting your app’s popularity in terms of rankings and getting more downloads. It is also the only way to obtain organic downloads and has quality users

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