In case you have an excellent application and it is obviously the next big thing for multiple users. By then, the importance of reviews and ratings become more significant than ever. It has been observed that the new users trust the reviews that the application has before installing. The visibility of the application in an app store is also determined by the reviews and ratings.


Along with visibility,  the present day scenario is to be treated nicely. There are about 2 millions applications competing amongst each other.

Every single application is viewing for perceivability in the concerned application stores. Application store Optimization or ASO consolidate various procedures to improve the application for the internet searcher results. This technique is natural and time taking. 

It has been seen that the reviews or the evaluations of an application can help a similar position higher in indexed lists. As talked about before, reviews or surveys or evaluations work as ongoing client criticism. All the more critically, the potential clients trust the audits or reviews while considering the application. 

It is thus insightful to get an ever-increasing number of surveys and appraisals for your application. Be that as it may consider a circumstance where you have another application! All the ASO endeavors would work with time and you need the application to be obvious for the most ideal result. A basic arrangement would be to get various reviews and evaluations for the application. This would help in positioning as well. In any case be, there are more than a million applications to contend. What’s more, getting surveys isn’t so natural. 

As such the designers need to consider buying android reviews. When you purchase android audits the positioning of the application improves and it turns out to be progressively noticeable to the potential customers.

Let us now summarize the importance of the reviews and ratings.

Reviews and ratings to help the application face the competition and get visible to the potential users.

The app store algorithm involves reviews and ratings while determination of the app standings in the search results.

Reviews and ratings can increase the number of installations, the app gets daily.

In true terms, without the reviews and ratings the app cannot survive.

Should we buy Android reviews?

The tough competition in the app business makes it impossible for an application to survive without reviews and ratings. But at the same time, reviews are not simple to obtain. Particularly, for a new application it is even harder. 

The good news is that as an app promotion strategy you can buy app reviews from the Android review services agency. The answer to the important question of whether it is safe or not would be yes! But it should be kept in mind that the agency is genuine with a good past record. 

Hence, two factors are vital.

The app reviews services should be genuine.

The concerned agency should be experienced and reasonably skillful.

Things to consider!

To buy android app reviews it is recommended to hire good review agencies.

Reviews and ratings need to be genuine by all and every means. 

Having a good app is as important as having a good number of reviews on it.

Reviews and ratings to help a potential user to trust your application.

After trust is gained, it is the duty of every designer to maintain a good relationship with the users.

Finally, the ASO strategies would provide long-lasting results to the reviews and ratings give the initial push.


As a developer it is very important for you to offer a great application to the users. Along with it, required promotion of the same is vital too. Reviews and ratings can make the application visible and result in more and more installs. The big picture is that most of the potential users trust the reviews and ratings. 

But it is not practical to expect to get numerous reviews through ASO strategies in a very short time. There is a huge competition between 2 million apps. Your application would surely struggle to get visible in the market 

Viewing the obstacles in visibility of the app, android app review services come into the picture. They are certain agencies that provide app reviews and ratings after you pay a certain fixed amount. In short, they offer paid reviews. 

Are paid reviews safe! Yes, they are when coming from a reliable agency. One that is reliable offers organic reviews and delivers on time. They have a good past record and charge reasonably.


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