I was recently alerted by a friend about this year’s Unique Grand Prix where fans of the Japanese clothing brand get to upload their own designs much like community driven shirt sites like Threadlike. Users and visitors get to vote for their favourite designs and the winners get their designs printed on shirts that the rest of the world can drool over aside from a cool 3,000,000yen (approx $30,000).

Coincidentally, our graphic design friend Apol Sta. Maria, who currently resides in Vietnam, happens to be a part of said contest! The photos on this page is his shirt design entry (click on the Unique link above to check out his page on the site and vote for him). I asked him if he could take time out to answer our Unjob questionnaire.

NAME: Apol Sta. Maria

Unjob: Graphic Designer

1.    What is it exactly that you do?

Drawing and thinking of what to draw

2.    Does your profession require any professional training of any sort or university degree?

3.    What course did you take up in college and how are you applying it to your profession?

Visual communication, college of fine arts. In my profession,  my job is to communicate visually, so there. Very relevant

4.    Did you previously have a desk job? When and Where?
I have a desk job back in manila, publicis manila june 2004-dec 2006. I have a desk job now here in Vietnam – tbwa\vietnam for one year and four months now.
5.    Why did you decide to leave it to do what you’re doing now?
Im still doing what im doing but my plan is to be a full time freelance art art person. Fulltime freelance hehe
6.    What are the benefits of being in the position that you are in right now?
Desk job=steady income / freelance=time
7.    What’s your typical day like? (A walkthrough would be nice!)
Wake up. Eat oatmeal and banana. Take a bath. Work. Eat dinner. Watch tv shows in computer. Sleep.
8.    What’s the single worst thing about being in the situation that you’re in right now? Ever tried getting things done from home?
When I’m at work I want to resign
9.    Do you have any other income streams aside from this one (i.e. freelance work)? Please specify.
I do freelance art work like album covers, posters, shirts and shoes design, etc.

10.    Do you have to deal with sitting in an office on a daily basis?


11.    If you’ve switched from a regular 9-5 job, how has your new profession changed your lifestyle?

I hope for the better. like America.
12.    Is it detrimental to the quality of your work if you wake up with a weekday hangover? Elaborate.
I don’t drink. ☺ (he has high blood pressure -Ed.)
13.    What sets your own work apart from all the others?
My drawings’ prices costs less than all of my favorite artists’.

14.    What’s the best thing about being a graphic designer?

My work sometimes doesn’t feel like work. And It feeds me and I earn money from it to travel.
15.    Do you get to keep your own work hours?

Not yet.

16.    Do you have enough time to slack off? What activities do you indulge in during your free time?

I draw comics and play guitar.

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